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Swanton Sector Headquarters Location:

Mailing Address:

Swanton Sector Headquarters
155 Grand Ave
Swanton, Vermont 05488

Phone Number: 802-868-3361

Visiting Our Office: Call 802-868-3361 regarding visits to our office.

Service Area: The Swanton Sector area of responsibility encompasses some 24,000 square miles and includes the State of Vermont; Clinton, Essex, Franklin, St. Lawrence and Herkimer counties of New York; and Coos, Grafton and Carroll counties of New Hampshire.

This area includes 261 miles of International Boundary, from the Maine-New Hampshire state line on the east. Of the 261 miles of border, 173 miles are land border and 88 miles are water boundary, chiefly the St. Lawrence River.

The Sector is bounded on the west by the Buffalo Sector; on the east by the Houlton Sector; on the south by the Buffalo and Boston Districts, and on the north by the International Boundary. The Sector is adjacent to the Canadian provinces of Quebec and Ontario. The Swanton Sector is the first international land boundary east of the Great Lakes.

Stations: The Swanton Sector has eight stations to monitor activity along the International Boundary. The stations from west to east with miles of boundary responsibility are: Ogdensburg, New York (47); Massena, New York (40); Burke, New York (27); Champlain, New York (30); Swanton, Vermont (18); Richford, Vermont (12); Newport, Vermont (32) and Beecher Falls, Vermont (55).

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