2021 Scholarship Recipients

The Border Patrol Supervisors’ Association (BPSA) motto, “Patronus Nostros,” means “we take care of our own,” and it speaks of our dedication to each other and to those we supervise. As such, it is with great pleasure to communicate that you have been selected as one of the 2021 Border Patrol Supervisors’ Association Scholarship recipients.

The task was to create a multimedia project about what the U.S. Border Patrol could do to build stronger ties with the community. It asked for you to introduce yourself, your professional goals, how the scholarship would benefit you, and lastly, how your law enforcement family member has influenced you. You completed this task and showed leadership qualities by doing so. You took initiative, did the work, participated, and because of that you are now receiving this letter congratulating you for earning a $2,000 scholarship to help you with your studies and/or any other school related expense (i.e., laptop, books, tuition fees).

Again, I am so excited to be giving you the great news. Thank you again for participating, and remember to always try your best and never, ever give up. You represent the future leadership of our society.

For any inquiries, contact BPSA Secretary at usbpsasecretary@gmail.com; lizette.solares@cbp.dhs.gov.

2021 Border Patrol Supervisors’ Association Scholarship Recipients:

Student: Olivia Tejeda
BPSA Member: Jesus Tejeda
Blaine Sector/Port Angeles Station
Student: Trinity Binder
BPSA Member: Clifford Binder
El Centro Sector/Calexico Station
Student: Celeste Alvarado
BPSA Member: Cruz Alvarado
San Diego Sector/Imperial Beach Station
Student: Brianna Melendrez
BPSA Member: Rogelio Melendrez
San Diego Sector/Chula Vista Station
Student: Alex Guerra
BPSA Member: Humberto Guerra
Yuma Sector/Yuma Station
Student: Sofia Gaxiola
BPSA Member: Juan Gaxiola
San Diego Sector/Brownfield Station
Student: Reece Bell
BPSA Member: Stuart W. Bell
Spokane Sector/Bonners Ferry Station
Student: Andrea Manjarrez
BPSA Member: Michael Clarey
Yuma Sector/Blythe Station
Student: Leonardo Soto
BPSA Member: Bernardino Soto
San Diego Sector/Chula Vista Station
Student: Hans Schmidt
BPSA Member: Kurt Schmidt
Yuma Sector/Yuma Station